Your sector is unique. That’s why we offer you financial and tax advice based on your sector. At Mijn Accountant we make sure we speak the same language and give sector-specific advice.

The same language

Each business sector has its own specific characteristics and sometimes even peculiarities. This can concern cultural differences, or simply different taxation and regulations for different sectors. Such differences are of fundamental importance to the advice we give, and we therefore have distributed our sector knowledge among the different consultants. This means we can keep our knowledge fully up to date and always give very accurate advice.

Sector-based advice

Of course it is good for our clients to do business with someone who speaks the same language. The transport sector deals with issues that are different from those in ICT, and the Healthcare sector differs from industry. At Mijn Accountant we understand that, and we therefore keep our knowledge up to date on a daily basis. But what’s even more important, we work with people who are inquisitive and have a passion for entrepreneurship. This means we also learn from our clients and their stories every day. This sharpens our vision even further, so that our services can be geared even more specifically to the client’s situation.


We are very experienced in the following sectors:

    • Healthcare
    • Childcare
    • Property
    • Transport
    • Retail
    • Family business
    • Industry
  • Non Profit