About us

Passionate about entrepreneurship

We’re passionate about entrepreneurship, and we’ll do all we can to help you get the most out of your business. This starts with professional support for your accountancy tasks, but truly comes to life when we’re discussing your business and vision face to face. Our experience and positive, critical attitude will provoke lively discussions, in which your choices can be sharpened or reviewed. Again and again, this will lead to surprising results and sometimes a rigorous change of plan.

Made of the right stuff

The team of Mijn Accountant consists of young talents and consultants with a lot of experience. This combination is extremely useful and is very well expressed in one of our convictions: our drive to do better! This can be about our own accountancy tasks, but it also very much concerns the business activities of our clients. Where are the new opportunities, how can we be smarter, who can be linked together? These are the sort of questions that give us energy and lead to many opportunities for interaction. This proactive attitude appeals to many entrepreneurs, while it also attracts enterprising colleagues.

A sharp mind and a sharp price

We want to help entrepreneurs fulfil their ambitions and dreams. It’s our aim and our own ambition to achieve this against sharp, transparent prices. We’ve managed to do so by streamlining our processes, and we’re proud of this. To underline our openness and transparency, we agree our price with each client in advance. In short, we work with appropriate, fixed prices, so you know what to expect in advance.



Tax experts

Each business has to deal with tax issues, and a proper tax structure is essential to get the most out of your business. This can relate to your current situation, but will be particular relevant when any changes take place. Such changes might include major investments, takeovers or selling your business. The tax experts of Mijn Accountant are passionate about everything to do with tax, and will be happy to help you set up the best structure for you.